Welcome to Hall of Super Heroes! A gallery of super hero avatars made by Andrew J. Aguirre (also known as wizard).

Besides for the obvious rebranding of the project, I also added Kamen Rider OOO to the repertoire. Eventually (when the season of complete), I will add a Driver type mechanic so anybody can create their own random combo. But for the time being, only official combos as they appear in the TV series, and movies, will be added to the gallery. Yes, I still plan on filling out the gaps in the Power Rangers section. There are also some older avatars that I will be updating and adding for Marvel and DC comics.

Boring Legal Crap: I don't like to do it, but unfortunately, it is a necessary evil. Here are the workings of myself, Andrew J. Aguirre. These can be used freely on social networking sites as avatars, however, do not claim to be the creator of them, or impersonate me. A lot of time and work went into these, just be respectful to me and my work. You may not use these for commercial use. Of course, you may freely link to www.andrewjaguirre.com/heroes. For bandwidth concerns, please do not link directly to an image on my page; you may save to your computer and upload to a website as an image for avatar use. You may also freely resize them, in case of avatar size restrictions of a website. Any of the restrictions may be overridden if you get explicit permission from me.

TL;DR. Be excellent to each other.